Running For Love & P'z

Who be these cats.

They're three friends of mine who have masterminded and are taking on - no shitting you - the world's hardest duathlon, running and cycling 2,000 miles from Sarajevo to London, as we speak. In the company of around 50 other fool-hardy souls. All in the name of raising money in the fight against human trafficking. So far they've raised 91,000 sheets and counting. 


We've been following them every step of the way making films about it all.

Check out the first two.

If this doesn't inspire you to get up off your butts and walk to the shop that split-second faster than you might normally, then you need a snickers to the forehead. If it does then right aown. If it does nothing, then at least make yourselves feel better by donating even the smallest amount to this cause, one that affects 21 million people globally as we speak.

Here's the page to donate.


Check it... 3rd film just dropped.


  1. Ait !!! Sick Post Brother MIngo!!!! Where's the party at the end of this Running Marathon!

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