Papa Johns Bombs

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.

Socrates 469-399BC Philosopher

Hold up 'Crates. So if you order a The Greek from Papa Johns, but specifically order it with extra pepperoni to spice shit up and really liberate the tang out of the feta, and the mongrels omit said-pepperoni in a fit of undiluted fuckery, you're supposed to philosophically accept this, on the understanding that if you're not happy with a The Greek without the extra pepperoni that you specifically ordered, you'd never be happy with a The Greek with extra pepperoni - the pizza of your specific choice - the pizza you would have received had they got the not overly-complicated order right in the first place.

They say the virtue of real wisdom is timeless, that it applies throughout the ages. I might write a book thinking up specific instances - only involving ordering take-away pizza - which astutely contradict all the most timeless wisdom ever laid down, the type we moronically accept and are so happy to nod our heads earnestly to when we see it written in some Keep Calm And Think Deep stocking filler whilst on the shitter in some pretentious polished concrete bathroom with frescoed wallpaper on the ceiling.

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