Helplessly Hoping

Given it must've taken at least 6 months for their first album to hit the mainstream proper, i calculate that i'm roughly 44 years late on Crosby, Stills & Nash. But here i am at last.

Check out the harmonies on the tune Helplessly Hoping, which has the dope lyrics,

they are one person
they are two alone
they are three together
they are for each other

And this is the top comment below the vid:

I mean come on.


  1. Graham Nash penned 'Be Yourself' and 'Wounded bird'. The man is an absolute gangster.

  2. 'But arm yourself against the pain
    A wounded bird can give
    And in the end remember
    It's with you you have to live'

  3. sick. what other albums do you recommend?

    1. I usually feel a bit weepy, thoughtful and sensitive after a large glass of wine and Graham nash so I prefer to offset this by putting on some tight pants and stuffing a sock down them and then listening to 'Darondo'.

  4. nice one i kinda meant crosby stills nash albums but i can dig. just ordered songs for beginners. besides, they say listening to sad songs actually creates positive emotions. i read it on Uberfacts.

  5. Once you have given songs for beginners a go, then go buy 'Astral weeks' by a very young van morrison.

    This album is incredible and ripped up the script of musical format (verse, chorus, bridge etc) . Obviously 'sweet thing' is the anthem of the album but the whole thing start to finish is majestic.


  6. with you on that one, in my top ten