Jesus aka Yeezus

There's a scene in Mel Gibson's film The Passion Of The Christ in which Jesus, laden with his cross, is being thrashed and beaten through the streets of Jerusalem. At one point passing his mother Mary down an alley, he is pummelled again and falls to the ground under the weight of the load. She rushes towards him to help, and he turns to her clutching her face and says, 'See, mother, I make all things new.'

Mel being the slippery character that he is, one can't be sure if this is the Gospel truth or if he's plucking words from his derriere for dramatic effect. Apparently it's mentioned somewhere in the book of Revelations. Either way it's a pretty heavy thing to say, i think. 


So in a roundabout way i come to my point. Some might argue the closest thing we have in living form to Jesus these days... is Yeezy aka Kanyeezy aka Kanye West. He certainly would, he even called his flipping album Yeezus. But listening to parts of it, i can see where he gets the balls to back himself so shamelessly.

2:47 seconds into his tune New Slaves, Kanye literally makes all things new.

Last minute of this song makes me want to cry and find my nearest church.

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