Standup Comic

Some guy called Zenpencils came up with the great idea to turn inspirational quotes into comic strips. It also turns out that Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson is his favourite comic strip of all time. Guy knows what he's talking about. Here he turns excerpts from Watterson's 1990 speech to Kenyon College into a Calvin-esque strip. It's massive, firstly because Watterson was a recluse and rarely spoke in public at all, so his words are pretty sacred. And secondly because it mirrors Watterson's own struggle, through his own words, in his own medium. As the strip shows, he worked for years in an advertising agency he hated, and gave it up to pursue his dream of writing a comic strip. And gave up hundreds of millions of dollars in his refusal to merchandise any of his creation, insisting that Calvin & Hobbes should remain always in the form it was devised.



One of the great things about DTBOI is - asides from brilliant content - giving credit where credit is due.

So thank you to johnpatrickrogerson for this headsup. Here is johnpatrick taking it easy during dressdown friday at work. A lowkey woollen jumper, more cashmere than synthetic fabric, draped cooly over a relaxed off-white shirt with quandrant detail suggests a man with more than a few options in his wardrobe. A cake of some description, indicative of the easygoing and at times celebratory nature of the end of the week, is being enjoyed with a soupcon of some dark jam, perhaps a fruits of the forest combination. Lastly hands angled in mid-gesticulation, but with lips pursed shut alludes not only to a thinker, but a listener. It's a lovely shot.


  1. You'll be hearing from my lawyers. The jumper is clearly Alpaca.