Two Can Play That Game

Remember this ad?

Any self respecting football fan knows well that when it comes to the comparison between my man Lionel and that poncey waif Cristiano, in terms of pure footballing artistry there can simply be none.

Then again beauty being of such skin deep ilk, there can equally be no doubting which of the two is gonna be cleaning up on the d-floors of Europe's most dollar late night establishments. CR7 wins every time. Which is probably what makes people like Messi all the more.

What a weener.

The fact that he's the second best footballer on the planet as well is almost insulting.

Until now.

Who thought it could ever happen. But yesterday when i spied this campaign by D&G, i cannot deny my pristine monday morning Y-fronts went a tiny little bit brown. Almost imperceptibly so. But soiled all the same they remained.

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