I Just Kept On Ruuunnin

A year ago three mates of mine took loads of acid and went crazy. In the midst of an hallucinogenic stupor they hatched a plan. To run, unsupported, a chilled 1000 MILES across Eastern Europe.

In April of this year they did it, running 39 marathons in 30 days, and raising £200,000 for charity.

Still, no one knows about the acid.


I ran the first 200 miles with them, and always planned to pen a longwinded heavily-worded account of what happened. But the enormity of the whole thing got the better of me and i never had the balls to figure out how to sum it up.

Lucky then that they made a feature length documentary about the whole thing.

It's being shown this evening at The Coronet in Notting Hill. You can still get tickets for it here.

Check out the trailer. It hits you deep. Right down in your plumbs.

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