Your Mum's Great

C L O G W O R K  O R A N G E ' s

maiden victory on monday afternoon.

10-9 over a bunch of retards who could barely walk.

Last minute screamer from Aspinall sealed victory in the dying moments.

Hence the reason he looks like a kid in the Sunny D advert.

Clawing victory from the jaws of defeat in such a fashion can be the maker of men. It turns those of a meek-minded disposition into heroes of their time, upon whom myths are forged and history is written. 

Start of something big i can feel it in my balls.


  1. Make any decent saves Massimo "fingers" Taibi?

  2. lost count how many times i kept us in the game. wasn't that hard though seeing as my thumb pretty much takes up the entire goal. gyet.