Crash & Burners

BIG  stage..

 in the Giro today.

Today is the first mountain top finish of the race. Bradley - Radley to his friends - is looking somber and pensive because he finds himself in the uncomfortable position of being a minute and a half down in the General Classification.

One could interpret the main reason for this being the supreme form of arch rival, the Sicilian assassin 

Vincenzo Nibali

(that's not champagne, he's just pleased to see you)

But for those in the know the real reason is incontrovertible.

It's patently Brad's distinct lack of sideburns. 

 W H A T  W E R E  Y O U  T H I N K I N G  B R A D

At any rate today's heinous climbs will separate the men from the boys.

Let's hope a burn-less Brad can man up in the mountains and get back in the mixer.


Get the kleenex, turns out he lost even more time today.

Giro's pretty much out the window.

Should've kept the burns Brad.

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