Well Rounded

Got this email about a month ago from a best mate who lives over in LA.

I can't for the life of me figure out why i didn't check this out immediately.

But i didn't, not even after he sent me a reminder:

Mysteriously a full 27 days then elapsed before i mustered the coordination to write him back, and in the process figured i'd have a crack at the vid.

N O  W O R D S

Ladies, before you feminist the shit out of this unsuspecting friday afternoon and accuse me of condoning female exploitation i'll remind you a) of the strip club argument and b) what we are looking at here is nothing more than an aesthetic appreciation of the female form, and a reminder of how because of our obsession with you we will remain always the inferior gender, destined to wander the cinders of the earth forever under your spell.

For everyone else here's the link.


Thank you elginho.

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