Pope Jai Paul

After two nuts singles, last week total gangsta Jai Paul released his long awaited debut album on bandcamp, and put fans out of their ardent misery. It was a long time in coming; as one dude memorably commented on the thread under his second single Jasmine:

album please????? *throws wallet at the screen*

Or did he?

Turns out he didn't. What was actually released was a collection of unfinished demos, illegally, by some stooge trying to make a nice packet from the 7 quid he charged unsuspecting customers hungry for more killer music. Jai then waded in saying it had nothing to do with him whatsoever and was not by any means an official album, before retreating into infuriating obscurity once more.

For a collection of unfinished demos, it's still pretty unbelievable.

This 1min track youtube just barred me from uploading makes me want to kiss the world's bum.

Bandcamp has since removed all the music, but for the lucky few who got in there early enough they'll have bagged 16 tracks of badman Jainess to tickle the taste buds before he drops the album proper.


Check this out too, it's made by a youtuber called sussbomb who mixes his favourite tracks in with wicked film clips and totally destroys. This one set to Jasmine is brilliant.

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