Warm For The Female Form

I once walked into Neil's Yard cheese shop and sidled up to the counter. The cheesemonger was there keeping shit real, and being the only one in the shop i ventured to break the icy silence and ask him what i thought at the time was quite a relevant, pretty interesting question. 'What's your favourite cheese?'. He looked at me like i was a cross between a zombie out of 28 Days Later and Dustin Hoffman from Rain Man, and shot back across the counter,

'What.. Today?'

Bearing this in mind, after months of deliberation, an all time top 5 has finally been formulated.

nb the first three are without contestation, then we enter a rolling ball park of about ten females that could all lay claim to a top 5 berth. Hence a need for monthly updates and the cheese story. And what would an initial top 5 be without the inclusion of your mate's mum.







Any comments, personal opinions, get involved.


  1. 1st three are my top three. Goes downhill from there

  2. your mum goes downhill from there.

  3. Aha Chipmunk and Eminem's rivals step up....