Losing Face

When it's time to go, you gotta go out in style.

Like when Chubbs gets so freaked out by the alligator head he falls out of the window in Happy Gilmore.

I did some maths and worked out that were things to continue in a similar vein i was in danger of losing years of my life under the spell of a familiar blue and white themed social network, you know that one we all hate to love but when it comes down to it maybe need a whole lot less than it needs us. Or as one dude put it following the furore when facebook once confusingly tinkered with its design..

This exodus in itself is unremarkable.

But it does mean that those of you who read this baloney through facebook will no longer get notifications from Bigotes because he'll no longer exist.

Instead i'm making a dropthebeatonit facebook page.


Long boring story short, clink on the link below, 'like' the page and you'll get updates as usual.

dropthebeatonit facebook page

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