A Customer Servicing

You might remember a few weeks back i posted an open letter to an iced coffee company complaining about a new gingerbread flavour i had taken an aversion to. I'd just clocked the open letter format on a cycling blog and thought it was quite classy. The letter was full of slightly excessive vitriol about how gingerbread is only used by lovers of fairytales or peadophiles trying to lure little kids inside the confines of their trenchcoats blah blah, i threw in a few insults and low blows for good measure, safe in the knowledge the only maggots reading this shit are people like you.

Or so i thought. A couple of days later this popped into my comments box.


Either one of you maggots had grown a sense of humour, or dropthebeatonit had hit the big time!

It turned out to be neither. But this was a real letter from the head of Jimmy's Iced Coffee company, who had chanced upon my rant on the net. Oh gawsh. We had some good email banter, he commiserated that indeed the gingerbread flavour was not to everyone's taste but still was selling craploads. Between typos induced by the streams of sweat pouring down on my keyboard i quickly reassured him that the original flavour regularly gave me a boner.

He told me that having lived in Oz for a while where iced coffee is massive he'd come over here and realised pretty much nobody apart from Starbucks made it. And seeing as theirs is disgusting, he'd started his own company.

Here he is instructing people on how to make a White Russian. That's some dedication.

I'm not gonna lie Jimmy my thoughts on the gingerbread still stand.

But that's only because i hate ginger. As you can see by the right hand side of the photo, like i said the original is bang-on. A carton of this stuff will light up the darkest of mornings. Safe to say i'd trade the girl in my bed to waking up with one of these badboys in my fridge. They're stocked in Waitrose and a few other joints, keep your eyes peeled. It's delicious. Hey maybe if you each go out and buy one, he'll get round to sending me that carton he promised. So do the right thing.

Disclaimer: you will enjoy it very much but drinking it will not make you this cool.


  1. You are a good man. I'm proud to be the first to comment on this. What a great little episode. It will make you look cool, almost as cool as those Calvin Harris shades you've got on. Ha.

    Take it easy and stay in touch.


  2. 'Ey Jimmy. I'm Domingo's brother - Miguel. I'm a bit of a badass, and it turns out I gave my brother those sunglasses: they were of a token of remembrance to our late nanilana, our Sicilian grandmother. I like you. So let's say we call things even, way ahead in this game, and you send me some cartons to 4th Floor Studios, 12-16 Scrutton Street, EC2A, I can't remember the full postcode. Get a little spicy like the gingerbread man, fazul?