Why We All ❤ Gary Neville

What Man Utd fans lost in a really good looking hard man of a left  right back


the rest of the country has gained in an insightful and no better looking Sky Sports pundit

The shit he comes up with between studio and commentary box is priceless

From now on dropthebeatonit is on 24/7 Gary Neville watch. Here are some recent gems.


First off is an eloquent speech about vinegar, olives, and frappuccinos. You couldn't make this shit up.

Next up are 3 examples of Gary's mid-game enthusiasm getting the better of him. 


Firstly, some gutteral groan in praise of an Oxlade Chamberlain pass.

Next an unending strangled cry after the Drogba header in the Champions League final

And lastly la piece de resistance. Call it what you will, Gary's reaction to Torres's last minute winner against Barcelona, a sound so frankly blood-curdling it has been labelled accross the country as..

the goalgasm

Gary you complete me.


  1. the man surprised by vinegar and oil is planning to enter hospitality and opening hotels.

    When questioned about his hotel 'bugbears' Neville said the chocolate in the mini bar was always a disappointment and questioned why hotels couldn't include more well-known brands. 

    "I'll have large bars of Galaxy in my mini bars," he said.  The ex-footballer also revealed his affection for the free white towelling slippers found in many hotels.


  2. woah that is g o l d d u s t. yes bro!