Wella I Never

Being new to the advertising game, i can't help but notice that certain campaigns leave a lot to be desired. The campaign for Shockwaves from  Wella springs instantly to mind, big ugly neon ads featuring retarded models looking constipated.

Always on the lookout for how to improve tired advertising i've devised to contact Wella HQ and put forward a good friend of mine Johnnie to spearhead the new campaign. I know he enjoys the product very much, and with his boyish good looks and enthusiasm would be perfect for the gig.

I put together a little portfolio showing examples of Johnnie using the product, call it a little 360 degree mood board to capture his personality and convince the guys at Wella to hook him up. I called it..

'A Shockwave Man for all Seasons'


Here he is using the product, over a casual drink..

in particularly fine company..

keeping it gangsta at Carnival..

at High Society dinners..

en famille..

at 35,000 feet..

helping out the aged..

during a night on the tiles..

and with future generations..

Further updates as events warrant, i'll be sure to let you guys know how the new campaign pans out. In the meantime keep your fingers crossed for Johnnie. These are exciting times.

Could be the start of something big.

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