Keep On Runnin'

More on the subject of grandiose shit making you want to inject your life with radness.

Below are photos of some questionable looking people.

But looks deceive donchaknow, because when these 3 cats get together hardcore shit goes down

For the past few months they have been planning a monumental endeavour to run 

1 0 0 0  M I L E S

across eastern europe

in 33 days

amounting to the equivalent of

39 back to back marathons

after which they will be immediately sectioned under the Mental Health Act

The most incredible thing of all of this is that they're not doing it to get chicks. This sadistic self-punishment is being undertaken in a bid to raise money and awareness about the terrible scale of human trafficking which is currently rife all across Europe.

Here's a video breaking the whole thing down, with celebs n shit.

There's also a pimping website where you can sponsor them, check out the route, read up on the cause, peruse photos of the runners and their absolutely huge balls, or even sign up to run by their side.

It's right here

I'm saying all this because Guy, Tom and Rob are my homedawgs.

And it goes to show that if these morons can get off their asses one fine morning and forge something so monumental out of absolutely nothing..

- then Rocky was right all along -

and it should inspire us to do the same.


Check it out and pass it on.

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