Concise Freaky Shit

With Halloween upon us it's time to start blazing mad bud getting baked and seeing dead people.

At the weekend The Times published the results of a Halloween competition they opened to all the public, to write and send in their best ghost story. The crux was that it had to be no longer than... 50 words.


These were the 3 winners. Don't get scared now.

Each night, along the same country road, he looks for the girl in the thin, white dress. Each night, he stops to give her a lift. Each night, she whispers "Here", as they turn into Cemetery Lane. He never mentions any of this to his wife.


Simon wrote on the misted window pane with his finger. I miss you. Four weeks since Michelle had died. Four weeks since her last message. A tear slid down his cheek as he watched the words fade. He huffed on the window to bring them back. I miss you too.


Shivering wet she splashed along the empty road, head down, grimly battering through the night. The bicycle bell made her jump aside. She felt the passing breeze, heard the wheel's swish, but saw in the solitary streetlamp's glow only a wet tyre mark spreading from the puddle into the shadows.

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