Unbelievable Tekkers

When Ronaldinho was in his pomp at Barcelona, winning Ballon D'ors n ting, he was asked what it felt like to be the best player in the world. He beamed back a buck-toothed grin and replied, 'Best player in the world? I'm not even the best player at my own club.' He was referring to a 16 year old Lionel Messi who was tearing team training sessions new buttholes on the daily, but who nobody knew about since he had yet to be released onto the world stage.

Here's a dope compilation of the two of them doing their shit

I'd say Ronaldinho almost shades it, but only in the same way he'd clearly pull more chicks in a club than Messi. He's classier, but probably less effective and definitely less consistent.

Chicks waking up the next morning in Messi's bed would stick around yo.

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