Putting Your Feet Up

I went to Paris last weekend, it was dope. We spent most of the time cruising the streets, checking out the sights, keeping it low pro. But one day we headed out of town on the train to see some old friends. So anyway there's me keeping it gangsta on the Parisian train system, feet all up on the seats n shit. 

And all of a sudden my girlfriend tells me to stop being a prick and points to a small horizontal bar subtly positioned just under the edge of the seat in front of me. Shoot me down this might just be the best invention of all time. 

A bar to satiate the desire to rest your feet up on the seat in front of you.

Without actually making the seat dirty.

And you still get the kudos of being too cool to have your feet on the floor


It blew my mind so much i came up with a nifty advertising campaign in french to plug the magnificence of this thing, something billboard worthy to capture the commuter zeitgeist and grab the attention of the wayward youth of today.

Drum roll please..

- wait for it -

Anyone with any contacts in the world of Parisian advertising, do the right thing.


  1. If you can cast Drogba in the role of "laidback chuffnut who can't sit like a regular member of society" then you've got a bonafied head turner!

  2. Drogba blazes past through the sky, now just a dot on the horizon, Gramps shaking his head in disbelief, turns to granny, "o la la, mais ca.. Ca c'est fresh.'