Cheek By Jowl

I woke up yesterday morning the result of some medical trial gone hideously wrong.

My lymph glands have gone mental. 

If you look closely you can't even see my right ear.

At breakfast my mother said i looked like a rather sweet angry little chipmunk.

She's now 6 feet under, but i can't really argue with that one.

Another sympathetic soul alluded to a Pavarotti likeness.

I'll take it, after all i have got a great voice.


Bullshit asides if anyone knows what the hell is going on, i'm all ears.

(if i can even fucking find them)


  1. bang on the money. straight up mumps, you should be a doctor yo.

  2. my dad once reacted like this to a new whisky... been trying new tipples?

  3. yesss definitely gonna start tippling some high class bourbon.