Blu Print

If you've been to Berlin you'll have seen the goliath of street art Blu leave his mark around the city.

Over the weekend the safe cycling in London debate reared its head again in the newspapers. The way i see it cycling in London is not dangerous, more than anything cyclists are dangerous. By doing retarded shit they endanger themselves. You need to learn where not to ride. But the thing that got me the most upset when i was a courier was when motorists did ridiculous manoeuvres that involved shaving the edge of your bike or even knocking into you just to get ahead. When the risk involved is so blatantly uneven. Their car gets a dent, whereas your head gets a slightly more serious dent. 

I just saw this amazing shit below, where Blu turns the situation completely on its head.

 I'm thinking he should spearhead the new cycle safety campaign.

Plus just look at the scale of the fucking thing.

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