New On The Steam Scene

Life moves pretty fast. We all need to let off steam once in a while.

My brother is no exception. 

He might look all jovial from time to time, but behind that smile there lies a man who some days wants for nothing more than a sachet to the ticket office to book himself a first class berth on the direct service to chill central.

But here is a man who takes letting off steam to its most logical conclusion.

For nigh-on a fortnight my brother has been battling a newfound clinical addiction to

s t e a m  r o o m s

whether it's chatting current affairs with a neighbouring steam merchant

maintaining optimal hydration during a particularly lengthy session

keeping ripped gay men at arm's length in the non-too heterosexual environment

or merely laughing at the expense of the rival sauna crew

he is never happier than when kicking back enjoying the fruits of a good steam with like-minded individuals

His addiction dictates he be no more than 300metres from the nearest steaming facility at all times, and as a safeguard his mentors on the SA program have fitted his phone with a comprehensive steam-locator. By the way if anyone has any absolute peaches to recommend he told me he'd be more than interested to have a chat, and suggested meeting down the local steamer to share trade secrets. You can find him on facebook here

If you prefer to speak face to face, i think you know where you'll find him.


  1. Disappointing lack of photographic evidence.

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