Lost & Found

In a bid to remove my head from the caverns of my butt and find that elusive snapback to reality...

TONIGHT and for the next three nights i'll be going to THIS.

A collection of photographs from my man JayGenius aka Jigga-G aka John Gayner.

This is his first exhibition proper, and having syphoned down almost a decade's worth of shots he's picked out the cream of the crop for his debut show. I went down last night for a private view, and it's looking fly. His stuff really is brilliant. I defy you all to remove your smartphones from your rears for more than five minutes, and head down to this wicked intimate space in a mews house just off Portabello.

It opens tonight from 6pm, there'll be wine, conviviality, a soupcon of pretension, and a cartload of good vibes. Click here for the ultimate information pack.

Address is The Crate, 3 Dunsworth Mews, London, W11 1LE.

See you down there, you can give me shit for this bullshit blog, and i'll tell you to calm down, that it's not my fault my genius is zipping straight over your head, let's get a drink i'll say, we're all friends here, let's shoot the breeze in the vicinity of some great photography, let's live the London existence we only see in films, where's your mother i'll ask, you'll muster a smile, the ice will break and we'll talk late into the night about those lofty aspirations we dare not dream of except when friendly cobbles are felt underfoot, and the illuminated creepers of the mews' walls play out a symphony of light and shadow on faces content to be nowhere else but in the moment, together, karamu, fiesta, forever, an atmosphere of good times only a gallery like The Crate could get anywhere near to bringing into being.

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