Express Yoself

'Feeding great conversation since 1965'.


I'm absolutely sure the last great conversation i had in Pizza Express was the one when the waiter told me the restaurant was completely full and we'd have to go elsewhere. That was superb.


I love Pizza Express. But as usual being a cynical dickhead about everything is the only angle i can serve up to justify this crap. If i'm being honest Pizza Express is bang on. They now serve legit Marcona Almonds, the bruschetta is a great starter (but don't discount the Formaggio Chili Bread), the selection of italian wines is remarkable and reasonably priced, and being pretty much singlehandedly responsible for one very special pizza's nationwide takings, my man Matty G can definitely vouch for the newlook piping-hot Calabrese formulated by superstar chef Francesco Mazzei.

My tip from the top is to finish with the Cheese Cake, although order it without the coulis.

They also accept Dash.

See you down there.

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