Dicktafone My A-hole

I feel like the astrodude in 2001 Space Odyssey getting slowly dominated by Hal the talking computer, being uncontrollably pulled into an existence of life-sapping nothingness. Three days on that spanish island has downed the last pathetic remaining dregs of my creative half-pint. I have nothing of any note to impart. I'm so aware of how boring i'm being my eyes have started bleeding.

But i'll be goddamned if i'm gonna give up on my fanbase, without you guys i really am nothing. All great geniuses have at moments lost touch with their muses, from Tolstoy to Keats, to the inimitable Chuckle Brothers.

So in the knowledge that one cannot just wait for inspiration, i figured i'd start small and build up that way. Prepare yourself for some eye-bleedingly boring blogging while i fight these daemons tooth and nail back towards the light. 

The immortal words of Bill Pullman spring to mind.

We will not vanish without a fight. We are going to live on. We are going to survive. 

Today we celebrate our Independence Day.

(the Independence Day bit is not relevant, but it sounds good)

*     *     *

If Amanda Knox wasn't smoking i guarantee nobody would give a flying fuck.




  2. put this in your pipe and smoke it X