What's Up With Today

Thisswassup fools. Today is a special day.


She used to be a baby model.

She likes chilling with Orangutan's in her spare time.

She loves to pardeee, karamu, fiesta, forever.

But most of all she is a very kind, loving, generous lady, and a top o'tha mornin flatmate to boot. I can get over her teenie penchant for midweek after-parties and for drinking my prized iced coffee. Not many people i'd let get up close and personal to The Wheels Of Steel. She can though, any time she wants.

She's sitting on the sofa right now with a little shniffle transfixed by a paused image of Ryan Gosling, and the flat looks like a damned greenhouse for all the birthday flowers around the place. Heavy Feng Shui. India, I'm sorry I couldn't get Ryan cos he was busy being a homo, but here is my pal Herbie laying it down with full flavour, just for you.

happy birthday to youououuuou x x x

um i think you still owe me £17 rent.

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