We Don't Need No Education

Plan B voiced his opinions on the events of this past week. Having grown up on a council estate in Forest Gate, East London he's probably better equipped to pass judgement on the youth than that genius Kelvin "Shoot these scumbags" MacKenzie.

Here's what he had to say:

'I deserve the things i have because i work hard for them. Kids on the street aren't going to see that. They're going to see i've got more money than them, they're going to feel like they deserve to take it. The real thing that's going to help these kids is some knowledge and some education about how to live. Because what's the point of getting arrested and put in jail for a pair of trainers or a fucking microwave? I don't think that they're doing this as anger towards the Government. I don't think that they're smart enough to even realise that could be an excuse. I think they're doing it because they want some free stuff because they ain't got any and they're angry at that. They're angry at not being able to buy the things they want to buy because they can't integrate into society properly, so they feel stuck and alone, with criminal records, no future in the white man's world.'


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