Picasso Is A Gangsta

Picasso painted this portrait in 1937.

It's of the photographer Lee Miller and hangs in the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh. I used to go and visit this place when i was at uni there, and was kind of obsessed with this painting in particular. The information plaque by the side of the portrait tells a mad story. 

It details how she and her husband Roland Penrose were friends of Picasso and in the summer of 1937 were holidaying in the south of France with him. My main man Pablo devised to make five paintings of her, but insisted on doing so purely from memory and sketches, not once studying the subject face to face in the process. He succeeded so well that Penrose, upon seeing the paintings, was utterly disbelieving at how vividly Picasso had captured Miller's beauty and vitality.

He then lifted his two year old son Tony up to the canvas. The child took one look and cried out in delight, repeating over and over again at the painting: "Mummy, Mummy."

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