A Bum Deal

Now that the riots have calmed down a smidgeon, maybe the feds will feel a little more disposed to reprimand the general public once again, who in the absence of all policing have been getting away with murder. I jaywalked like fourteen times this morning.

Look a this stooge. This is unacceptable. I almost fell off my bike clocking this. 

 Then i did a U-turn so i could go past again to take a photo.

What does he think he's doing. Is this some sort of butt-induced mating call?

This is cool.

This is very far from cool.

Let's take a closer look.

Switching to antique and adding a little vignette does next to nothing to improve the situation.

Sharpen up your shit builders. Those responsible for the construction of our city are letting their trousers burst at the seams. Whatever happened to being the change in the world that you want to see?

I'm off to smash up some cones and kick some scaffolding.

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