Brothers In Arms

My beloved mate Bilmo - the same guy who stalks Weight Watchers Clinics for pussy and has rickets from a terminal lack of Vitamin D - has along with his brother Jimbo managed to put together the coolest goddamned video i've seen this side of a decade in aid of pimping their bike company Brother Cycles.

The video looks fucking awesome. The brothers started their company back in 2009, and now sell handsdown brilliant track frames online to anyone wise enough to come sniffing.

Soon to be released is their jewel in the crown..


They're taking pre-orders on their website and are apparently inundated with requests already. Although how many of these requests are just fat chicks returning Bilmo's calls remains to be seen.

They should hopefully be having a launch soon, so I'll keep you posted. In the meantime be sure to check out minute 1:25 on the video to witness firsthand the terrible results of an incurable rickets affliction. What a shame. What a terrible waste.

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