Silky Smoothed Out Operation

For some deranged mother of a reason, as opposed to awaking on a balmy sunday in our nation's capital with a soupcon of a hangover, rolling over to flick my girl in the shnoz and go about negotiating a smoothed-out filter coffee, at precisely 5:45am tomorrow morning..

I'm doing this.

Right now I'm in a hotel room in Zurich with my roomie Gee-thang who got me into this accursed situation in the first place.

 But every cloud n shit..

Cos I just spent the last hour shaving my legs TO THE BONE checkit.

(notice how i tastefully covered my nipple with my index finger)

It improves performance, and more to the point feels totally awesome

My summer look is licked.

Good night y'all. I gotta spend 7 hours tomorrow hyper-ventilating, so I'm out.

Let's hope this shit doesn't happen word.

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