I hold my hands up. I'm from the block. The endz.. World's End Estate SW10.

Growing up was tough. Streets was mean. First toy I played with was a glock.

Respect I had to earn. Eye for an eye, gold tooth for a gold tooth..

it was that kinda tip.

The head honchos took no shit off nobody. They ruled the borough. Anything went down, best believe they knew about it. They had it all. Links with the MET, drug cartels, total diplomatic immunity, the roof of the main tower was their own private helipad, ready to launch if things ever turned ugly

Just so happens that yesterday I ran into them. Dang near soiled my Three stripe.

Left to Right: Deidrey, Mildred, and Jo 'the stick' Tataglia.

The mere sight of them is enough to turn my blood to ice.

I wasn't hanging around. I paid my respects and got the fuck outta there.

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