Handlin' Ma Fizness

Have decided to stay off the sauce for three weeks.

The onset of summer weather means you can somehow justify a casual ice cold lager about fifteen times more easily than on a grizzled day in november. I once justified a 3 hour slow-dance with a 22 stone black chick during after hours at The Winchester. So when beer and decision-making are involved i'm somewhat of an easy picking.

Roadtrip is in my all time top ten and I should have known better.

Tough times ahead. But as we all know the Chinese word for 'crisis' is made up of two characters, the first representing 'danger' and the second 'opportunity' .


And so the non-option of cracking open a crisp Amstel in the early evening has in turn proffered up alternative avenues of exploration. I'm young, carefree and all that jazz. What better time than now to tap up the realms of fizzy water experimentation. To kick things off, i opted for the two European giants, our french friend Badoit, and the italian stallion San Pellegrino.

Thus far the salty content of the 'grino is dancing an explosive tango with the back of my tonsils, but the subtlety of the Badoit is teasing me playfully, leaving me prostate and crying out for more. The side effect of all this is having to take a piss every 8 minutes. I can sense a strong challenge from Highland Spring, Perrier's in the mixer, Vichy Catalan too, and my girl's local Lidl's sells some weird Swedish shit that slips down real nice.

 Hopefully i'll come to a conclusion and declare a winner.


But summer time without beer is like steak without dijon mustard, or sex without rolling straight over. So if i'm back on the brew by the end of the week, don't be a hater.

I'll still be the bearer of awesome opinions on fizzy water ya diggie.

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