Big Dizzle In The Doozie

This post is all about Big Dizzle.

If you've met him, you'll remember him. With a style so uncoventional (and downright rubbish) floundering in an uncomfortable no man's land somewhere between..

Conan The Barbarian..

Wooly mammoth fodder from that really great film 10,000 BC..

and the latest teenager's River Island clothing catalogue..

.. the man was clearly born in the wrong millenium, and is making up for lost time. This is the kind of guy who wears flipflops out to techno nights. You'd think with an array of moves as limited as his he'd go for all the available ankle support he could muster. Not Big Dizzle. He likes cricket, baking pies, and throwing Snickers at people's foreheads. The real reason i was inspired to pen this eulogy was a chance encounter whilst idly routing through Redtube. Apparently he's in Tunbridge helping his old man out with their family lawn-mowing company.

Nothing like earning a little packet on the side though is there Big D..

Look who it is..


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