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Time to paaaapp dat Cristal yo!!


One massive/well rather tiny but still huge reason:

That little beauty is none other than the first evidence of life residing in the tummy of Madamoiselle Angela Duplechain of Beaton, beloved wife of one of my bestest buddies Benjamin. 


Here they are both below! Don't worry. Ben's left ear isn't that big in real life. Not at all. No way.

This is some seriously dope goings-on. I think the happy news came through around a week ago, but they only made it need2know over the weekend. Don't think the little nipper's chromosome combo is established yet, but I got a feeling i know what Ben's holding out for:

Just kidding homey.

They're gonna be the bestest parents ever period.

(and of course it goes without saying Ben's Homelands '04 experiences are well and truly a thing of the past)

*          *          *

So.. even though it's Monday morning, please take a little time out and add a little Cristal to your extra-strength Darjeeling, and raise a toast to the 2.0234 of them.

Bigup Ben and Angela!

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