Party On Wayne

Today is a very special day.

100 year ago to this day, the Titanic was first launched from a shipyard in Belfast!

On a much more irrelevant note, 28 years ago to this day a little old person was born into the world. One who i got to know about a year ago. And for some reason that i can't really get my head around, this person manages to turn my frown upside down on a daily basis. She is my girlfriend. And this post is not about the Titanic, but about little old her. 

Literally very little. She's 4ft tall. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm waking up next to Wayne from Harry Enfield & Chums.


But i can get over that. Because she is the dopest thing ever, and whenever I rip her to shreds on this blog, it's only so i'll be in the doghouse and then i can buy her flowers and do all that cheesy romantic shit and then she'll smile

And there's no use denying the plain fact that..

And i must be the most retarded son of a gun in the history of forever to be in a relationship with.

So she deserves a medal.

I got my best pal Mikey from Nicaragua to write her a birthday song.

Guys got mad skills.



i guess the words I'm blushingly groping for are..

you mean a whole heap to me n then some.

Today is for you yagga yagga.

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