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With a title like 'You can watch this 1000 times and still laugh' I could be forgiven for getting my hopes up maybe just a little bit.

Judge for yourself:

Then again, it occurred to me I might have just stumbled across the most universally unpopular video on Youtube. As the guy top of the comment thread points out below, one look at the 'dislikes' count and 2 precious seconds of wasted life are instantly rendered hilarious and worthwhile.

17,496 dislikes.

I've never seen anything close to that many dislikes ever. And i've seen some pretty mightily shit Youtube clips. Reading that figure instantly turned my red hot temper into a gloriously pathetic quadruple-serving of gloating. Extra fries bitch. Adding my propane to the flame, I savagely hammered the dislike button, and proudly took my place at the table of the other seventeen and a half thousand.  

Collective hatred was the winner here. And it feels really great. Even when the object of that hatred is a humorously-impaired teenager goofing around with her freakshow of a younger brother.

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