Film Recommendation

Part two in my Theory of Relativity - see headaches below - applies to films. Some films are handsdown awesome. No matter how many times you see them, in what context, or with whom, they consistently take your breath away. And stay in your memory forever, like that first time you smoked sweet doobie and listened to Faithless. I'm talking the top 5 films of all time category.

La Haine/Godfather I/No Reservations: 'Love in the professional kitchen' typa shit. 

Then there's amazing-shit films. Films that you have absolutely no expectation of whatsoever, and as such become unforgettable if you enjoy them just a tiny little bit. For this read Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. 

Damn that's a good shit film.

Anyway last night i hit up a late viewing of Limitless. This fell firmly into the Shooter category, seeing as my expectation was null, i knew jack-crap about it, and frankly it was the only thing showing after 9.30pm. But i can't say I enjoyed it as much as I did purely because I thought it was gonna be shit and turned out okay.

I enjoyed it because it was fucking awesome.

The concept of the film is wicked and interesting, it's seriously funny, fast-paced, has a hot chick in it, and bingo my local cinema had a new batch of white chocolate mice in, which i happily overdosed on. I was so pumped at no point was i even remotely close to falling asleep. That never happens.

GO see it jackasses.

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