El Pistolero

Giro update y'all.

Alberto Contador took a proverbial number two on the rest of the field on Sunday in stage 9 of El Giro d'Italia in Sicily, sything up the lava-caked slopes of Mount Etna and putting over a minute into his closest rivals to take la maglia rossa (the ridiculously pimpin pink jersey) at the head of the general classification.

They call him El Pistolero which means the Sharp Shooting Gun Slinger, cos he's made it a habit of pulling the trigger as he crosses the finish line ahead of his rivals. This guy is destined to be one of the greatest of all time, having already won 5 of the 6 Grand Tours he's entered.

Check this video of him crapping all over Lance Armstrong at the 2009 Tour de France. Lance admitted that even in his prime, he wouldn't have been able to handle Contador's raw explosiveness on the climbs.

(strange choice of music though, I would've gone with Celine)

And if you find this one of the most uninformative plain dull blogposts you've ever had the misfortune to waste 40 seconds of your 'valuable' time reading, then you can go get some damned NUTS fool.

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