Fine By You Buttwipe

Last week my girl - physically impaired as she might look from time to time on a bicycle - suffered the personal injustice of being fined by a police officer for jumping a red light by little more than a nanosecond. Rightly copping a head start on the stationary traffic by a couple of metres, she rounds the corner and suddenly all hell breaks loose as police sirens start going ape-shit

She pulls over and, well aware of the lameness of her fellony, starts giving the rozzer the proverbial all that, trying to explain the reasons behind her death-defying manoeuvre. With a flagrant lack of better things to do (like for example fighting real crime and making our city awesome) he slaps her with a 30 quid fine and screeches off in a cloud of hernia-inducing smugness. Get some nuts fool. 94.6% of police officers need a humanity implant. There's enforcing the law, and then there's enforcing that law without acting like a condescending bellcheese purely on account of your uniform. 

Police officers are getting so damned bigheaded these days.

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