Bikes N Brothaz

Part 10 of sexually confused people with my sexually content bicycle.

Who would have thought i'd hoodwink TEN weirdos into posing with the timeless symmetrical beauty of The Wheels Of Steel?? Then again if i had to pose for a photo next to a buttnaked Cindy Crawford, I'd take the hit ya diggie.

Anyway. The fool above is none other than Bilmo aka Will Meyer aka co-founder of London bike company Brother Cycles. He might have a more than questionable taste in clothes - yes he wears that kinda shit on nights out - and he might just be the crumbliest flakiest motherfucker in the world when it comes to social engagements..

.. but he and his brother Jimbo have started up a more than awesome bike company from scratch. Check their website and blog out here. You'd think this kind of exposure might lead to Wilma getting his leg over more than just his bicycle from time to time. But sadly not. His love-life is as dry as his obsession with Ice Road Truckers on 5ive.

Very dope bike company nonetheless.

Go Bilmo.

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  1. haha... next to me is the only time your bike looks even remotely cool