I'm Watching You

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. 
You merely look after it for the next generation.

What a great advert for an even greater watch. Expensive Watches are surely the cornerstone of any outstanding career, of thoroughbred life success, the one true signature-piece for the real Big Cats of our day. Only small minded people fueled on spite, jealousy, and recrimination would argue anything otherwise. I must be one of those.

As far as I'm concerned this advert should read:

You never actually own a Patek Phillipe (for very long).
You merely have it ripped off your inbred arm by a wise and praiseworthy mugger so he can flog it as soon as possible, feed his family, buy himself a Playstation, and make the world a better place, so people like you won't walk around in your delusions of fat self-satisfied smugness flashing insanely overpriced homo accessories, thus sparing your inbred son the soul-destroying ignominy of ever being seen wearing one in the first place, you c*nt.

They'd fly off the shelves.

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