Shitty Clearance

A really rubbish clearance company.

At first glance I thought these guys needed a better brand designer. They looked like a bunch of morons anyway, but there's selling yourself short and selling yourself way short. But then it got me thinking, in our fickle two-faced world people need honesty. Honesty is a rare virtue, there's nobility in honesty. Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Rubbish Clearance are onto something. No we really are rubbish, they'd say, please hire us. You will regret it, we won't clear any of your shit and we'll steal all your valuables. We'll swear at your grandmother and maim your dog. We're cunts who specialize in rubbish clearance. Just like it says on the front of our lorry. 

I'd pay for that.

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