The Power Of Christ Compels You

There I was hanging out on Sunday morning keeping it Low pro and out the corner of my eye I spot my girl's driver's license just lying there on the table. Requiring a closer inspection, I focus in and get pole-axed by a lightning bolt of deja-vu. After who knows how long I come to, pick myself up off the floor, and leg it in the direction of my camera:

Call me macabre, but does the above photo not bear somewhat more than a passing resemblance to Regan, the possessed child outta the Exorcist?

err.. I KNOW SO.

'Ay Caramba!' I hear you cry. A Bad Omen perhaps? But I'm not too worried. Luckily for me, Regan pre-possession is actually pretty cute. And flipping out really couldn't be less in my girlfriend's nature, so I rarely have to encounter the kind of uncalled-for deranged psycho crap most blokes endure at the hands of their other halves.

On the whole just once a month really, and it's pretty PG13 at that.

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