Nature At Its Finest

In the arid morning heat of the urban Savannah, sheltering in the shadows away from the merciless glare of the beating sun, we see the Wheels of Steel in the midst of Metamorphosis. Following three months of savage winter, the onset of spring brings change, renaissance, renewal: this instance marks the one defining moment of the creature's calender, its re-armament. A process which will prepare it for the impending hardship of the coming months. Right before our eyes, we witness in intense detail...

The Shedding Of The Skin. 

The next few months mean to be the most arduous of the creature's life.

Chicks wearing nothing 24/7, ice cold beers on streetcorners, weeners with hayfever, Solero-sellers back in business, cycling in shorts and a T, sunburn all round..


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  1. British Summer and attendant upswing in Solero sales might just save our ailing economy after all.