Big Cojones

Just got back to my desk absolutely certain of the irrefutable fact that I was one badass gnarly motherfuckin motherfucker, having nailed it to the shops at breakneck speed and in record time, ripping up a skid stop, swearing at a dog, and bowling in the place to generally buss shots, or rather pick up some sellotape for my art project. Opening my inbox put a swift stop to that particular delusion, but in the best way possible. My man Greg just sent through this unbelievable clip of the Cerro Abajo Downhill in Valparaiso Chile.

These weirdos are mildly more badass than me.

(If you listen carefully on 2:31 you can hear the rider - who you would've thought might be trying to concentrate - laughing to himself like a maniac. Maybe he's having trouble believing how in God's name he's ended up doing what the fuck he seems to be doing.)

This clip gives a better idea of the speeds these nutjobs reach. What in the world could compel anyone to risk certain death doing this shit? Easy. They're chasing the lowlife who stole the secret ingredient to Mama's special recipe enchiladas.

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