RIP North Face

I used to love North Face, I think I still do. But now I'm not so sure. Because The North Face are royally screwed. They used to make really fresh all weather mountain gear you could rock around town and look effortlessly on point in. Heavy duty gore tex for the beating rain, jackets you could slip seamlessly over a hoodie in winter, over a T on a balmy summer's eve. I once bought one of their tents for a touring holiday. You can't put a price on quality. Yes there's no doubting The North Face used to be the shit. But no longer. It seems the tides have irreversibly turned, and the world's premier mountaineering clothing company will surely go into liquidation. From now on, it will be North Face Who?

Why? Two words. NORTH COAST. 

Yet again Marks & Spencer's clothing department have absolutely nailed it.

AGAIN. How they keep coming up with these sorts of game-changers is beyond me. I'm literally binning all my old North Face shit this second, before I take another toke on oxygen. Don't know about you fools, but this North Coast freshness hitting the shops can mean only one thing - my wardrobe for the foreseeable future is officially licked

Until they release their next game-changing clothing line that is.


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