Raymond's Moustache

I just had my coursework interrupted by a timely message in my inbox. A photo of our good friend Raymond's new moustache. Raymond aka Raystarr aka Raymond Blanc aka Giorgio Rajmani normally has very little trouble with the ladies. But it seems a recent dry patch has led him into the realms of facial fuzz experimentation. Check it out.

Knowing Raymond as well as I do, I can tell you he'd like to think he's now the spitting image of Benny Blanco from the Bronx, the guy below in the sick red getup who wastes Carlitos in Grand Central Station at the end of Carlito's Way.

But in my well-informed opinion, his new look is much more reminiscent of Pachanga, Carlitos' rotund completely useless Puerto Rican bodyguard. Who ends up cruelly ratting on Carlitos, teaming up with his enemy, and ultimately getting him killed. 

Looks like the dry patch is set to continue Ray.

*            *           *

Yes okay fine, I suppose I am man enough to grudgingly accept he looks slightly more like Benny Blanco from the Bronx. Further updates on his lady situation as events warrant.

 Go Raymond.


  1. yesh I've got the fuck me eyes, pout and everything on that one - Ladies, -roll up, roll up!

    Mingo - ur a dead man!

  2. 'Smoldering' just doesn't do you justice. Lock your daughters away...

  3. Is it possible that it works better than Mingo's?